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Safety films

Safety films

In terms of security (burglary, glass breakage), glazing remains a weak point in a building. The Umisol® safety films strengthen the glass and holds each window together with a thick adhesive. The 1-, 2- or 3-layer polyester film is transparent and non-reflective, so that the building's appearance is not affected.

The big advantage compared to safety glass? The existing windows are retained. So no cutting or breaking work is involved. This solution can also be combined with our solar protection film.


The Umisol ® anti-graffiti film is specifically developed for the protection of glass windows against graffiti, scratches and grooves, whether or not intentionally inflicted.

The film can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the original glazing. Shop windows, shelter windows and trains, buses or metro cars are protected against vandalism and reputation damage.