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Protect your artwork and interiors

Sunlight always damages fragile interiors. Floors, artworks, paintings, curtains, furniture, carpets, etc. are exposed to the harmful rays of sunlight through windows. They fade, dry out, deform, and crack. So, if we want to preserve see-through, sunlight must be filtered to protect fragile interiors from that light damage.

Umisol has UV and Lux filtering Pleolit films that, in addition to warding off harmful ultraviolet radiation, will also reduce the total radiation dose. In museums and at large art projects we carry out Lux measurements on site, and can even produce and offer customised films.

Our foils have the great advantage of a high degree of tranparancy. They are virtually invisible and therefore integrate well into historic surroundings. In addition, they can be applied quickly and easily, without major structural modifications. For museums, historical buildings and monuments, but also for private homes, these are ideal properties.

These customers preceded you

Our UV and Lux filtering Pleolit films are successfully used to protect (historic) interiors.

These customers preceded you :

  • Axel Vervoordt Interior Design
  • Phoebus Phoebus Foundation by Katoennatie
  • Royal Museum of Art and History
  • Metropolitan Museum Amsterdam
  • Magritte Museum