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Why install Umisol® window film?

Our IR films keep the heat out, making it feel nice and cool inside on hot days. Do you work with an air conditioner or other cooling system? With our films, your system will work more efficiently and consume a lot less energy.

In winter, our window film keeps the heat inside, which results in increased thermal insulation. You save up to 30% on heating costs! Buying Umisol® window film is a smart investment that pays off in no time.

Not only do you save thanks to our energy-efficient solution, you also reduce your CO₂-emission and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

No UV discoloration of your interior.

Our film strengthens every glass section and thus provides extra protection against burglary or injuries due to glass breakage.

We offer a 10-year warranty on our films, but the lifespan is much longer.

What about air conditioning?

In warm periods, every air-conditioning system runs at full capacity often resulting in a solid energy bill. In addition, air conditioning is not conducive to health and climate. The Umisol ® window film blocks infrared heat rays up to 93%, significantly lowering the temperature while ensuring maximum optical clarity. The result is a reduced climate control costs without loss of comfort. In the summer you keep the sun out and during winter the heat stays in. This way, your climate control system uses significantly less energy, which is good news for both the environment and your budget.

Does the Umisol® window film also have an effect during winter?

By installing the Umisol® films you significantly improve the thermal insulation of your existing glazing. The generated heat is reflected back into the room without loss of temperature. Depending on the glass type, you can quickly realize savings of up to 30% on heating costs.

Does the Umisol® window film have an effect on the light transmission?

Our window film has a very high light transmission while retaining optical see-through. We also offer films in different shades with mirror glass effect.

Does the Umisol® window film change the appearance of the building?

You will find our window films in private homes, office and commercial buildings as well as health care facilities. Due to its exceptional transparency, the appearance of the glass hardly changes. Only our Argentum series and decorative specialty films change the view from the outside of the building.

Can the Umisol® window film be applied to sloping glazing?

The Umisol® window film can be applied to any type of flat glass. Due to the very low heat absorption, it can also be easily applied to sloping glazing. Ideal for porch roofs!

Does our window film stop the discoloration of your interior?

Discoloration of the interior is largely caused by UV radiation. With our films you stop 99% of UV radiation and you no longer risk further UV discoloration.

How does the installation of the window film affect the plants in your house?

Plants are not adversely affected by the window film. On the contrary, it protects them from harmful heat radiation from the sun.

How does the installation of the window film work?

We first thoroughly clean the windows. Afterwards, the film is cut to size on site and applied to the inside of the glass by professional installers. There is no cutting or breaking work involved.

Can you install the window film yourself?

The installation of the Umisol® window film is always done by our authorized installers. This also gives you a 10-year warranty.

How do I maintain my windows after installation?

The films are provided with a scratch resistant layer. Any cleaning agent can be used, with the exception of ammonia or other caustic products.

What is the payback period?

With our films you save energy all year round. The return on investment for buildings with air conditioning is 2 to 3 years. For buildings without air conditioning, this is 4 to 5 years. Of course you immediately enjoy optimal thermal comfort.

How much warranty does Umisol® offer ?

Umisol® provides a 10-year warranty. This is comparable to what glass producers offer. However, the lifespan of the films is much higher.