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Our window films are invisible, not the difference on your utility bill

More thermal comfort

less costs

Why Umisol® is your smart choice
  • Our worldwide patented window films guarantee excellent heat protection and insultation. Our high tech, innovative films are developed and produced in our manufacturing facilities in Belgium.
  • Our professional  installation teams consist of well-trained and experienced experts. They work both nationally and internationally and according the rules of art.
  • Comprehensive calculation of savings is available to professional customers.

12 reasons to choose for our window films


Solar Rejection

Our window films reject solar energy, making buildings cooler and consume less energy.



In winter, our window films prevent the heat from escaping through the windows, lowering the cost of heating in the cold months.


Energy saving

Our window films allow for energy savings up to 30%. A more precise number can be obtained after a detailed calculation.


Installation on the inside

Cost of installation is cheaper and easier, since no (M)EWPs are necessary or installation is hindered by wind, rain or dust.


Low absorption

Umisol® window films reflect the heat. Thanks to the low absorption rate of the films, they can be applied on the inside of nearly every type of glazing without the risk of thermal rupture. A unique feature.



Our window films let in the natural light, but block UV-radiation. Your interior or articles in the shop window are protected against discoloration.


Reduction of CO₂-emission

Thanks to this energy saving solution, your ecological footprint is considerably reduced.



UV-radiation can cause skin cancer. Since UV-radiation is blocked, you create a healthier environment for your co-workers and/or family.


Extended lifetime

Our window films have a 10-year warranty, but their lifetime is at least 20 years. No additional maintenance is necessary.


Short ROI

Umisol® window films are a smart investment, paying themselves off in no time.



The films provide additional safety against burglary and injuries from glass breakage.


No esthetical impact

Our window films are nearly invisible. Consequently they do not impact the look of the building.

Why passive cooling of buildings is necessary

Buildings consume up to 42% of all energy production worldwide. As of 2025 they will be the largest single source of CO₂-emission.  Buildings consist for a big part of glass structures and are either insufficiently (old buildings) or excessively (new buildings) insulated.

Climate experts predict more and longer heatwaves (+40°C) causing buildings to overheat and increasing the need for air conditioning (active cooling). This results in an exponentially growing energy consumption. This has to be and can be changed.

Saving energy throughout the entire year with Umisol® window films

“Cool in summer and warm in winter, without loss of visible light”

Cool in summer and hot in winter, without your utility bill going through the roof? It can be done! Our window films can be installed on any type of glazing, in all possible shapes.

Umisol® window films are perfectly suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings. Installation is done professionally and hassle-free. Maintenance is easy.

Air conditioning or Umisol® window films?

  • Passive cooling by means of window films is cooling without additional energy consumption
  • More efficient performance of existing HVAC, if present
  • No additional maintenance necessary
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Affordable
  • No cold flows
  • Sustainable: no CO₂-emission.

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