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About Umisol®

Grants and subsidies

Upgrade your windows

A facade often consists of a lot of glass. This is necessary for a pleasant residential climate, but in an otherwise well insulated building facade, the glass is a weak link from an energy point of view. Even with HR++ glass, a window often loses eight times more heat than an equally large section of facade.
In order to achieve energy-neutral and sustainable new and existing homes, energy loss through the building facade must be reduced. The transparent parts cannot then be left behind.
So installing window films contributes to improving the energy performance of your home anyway. They do this all year round because in the winter they have an additional insulating effect and in the summer months they keep out the heat from the sun.

So check out the national and local rules to benefit from grants and subsidies or to obtain an Energy Investment Allowance.

Sometimes the municipality also gives an extra subsidy for investments that improve the energy performance score of your home. Check with your municipality whether you are entitled to it in your area.

Due to the lower solar gains, there is less chance of having to install active cooling. This reduces the net energy requirement for cooling. This results in a decrease in the energy level and benefits your Energy performance certificate.